60 minute classes

1 class 400:- (approx. €40)

5 classes 1600:- (approc €160)

30 minute classes

1 class 250:- (approx. €25)

5 classes 1000:- (approc €100)

1 class 30 minutes
1 class 60 minutes
5 classes 30 minutes
5 classes 60 minutes
This is a gift

Online classes

Book online classes with me to work on your technique, to learn new tricks and methods to develop your artistic qualities.

I offer coaching on balancing, juggling, bramson rolls, manipulation, trick and sequence creation as well as act development. The classes will be tailored after your personal needs.

I'm offering both 30 minute and 60 minute classes prices are in SEK.

Get one to try it out or as a gift for a friend, let me know if the class is a gift and I'll make a gift certificate.

Use the contact form bellow to book your class, I will be in touch with you shortly to schedule the class! 

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