What happens when you remove the facade, the jokes, the planned reactions and your alter ego?

It leaves you raw and vulnerable, but it also opens up for others to take part of your universe in a unique way.

An experimental hoop juggling piece about vulnerability and strength.

Non siamo miraggi

Hula hoops and a character balancing on the fragile line between technique and research.

Presenting to the spectators games out of the mind and pushing beyond the limits to find new possibilities.

A clownesque piece with hula hoops


As artists we depend on our bodies for our work and to be able to express ourselves. So what do we do when we suffer an injurie that limits what we are able to do?

We adapt!

This is a clownesque hula hoop act following the recovery of an injured artist and how limitations can become the inspiration for creating something new and unique. 


A musical and movement based performance.

There is something magical with lights and in this act I invite you to get lost in the beauty of dancing lights, shinging reflections and soft movements.

Emma Hörnell © All Rights Reserved